Project: Playground Renovation

The Children's Haven is on a mission! This project will update the playground in the rear of the building including site grading and drainage, concrete walks and a basketball court, plantings, installation of donated furnishings and materials, fencing and more. The goal is to create a space that is warm and welcoming for children.


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Q: Have you already purchased playground equipment?

A: No. We have not purchased playground equipment yet. The first phase of the renovation, posted in this RFP, is for grading and site work to get the project started.

Q: Is the scope of the bid only for construction and site work?

A: We are hoping to see proposals that will give us an idea of the total scope in phases with the projected costs broken out into the phases

Q: What type of equipment that you are wanting to install in Phase 2.  What type of equipment are you looking for in that Phase 2?  If we were to be awarded the bid, would we be considered for Phase 2 equipment portion?

A: We are hoping to hire a general contractor who will stay with the project from beginning to end, advising us through each phase of construction. Your company could definitely still be considered for other portions of the project. Ultimately, we would take the recommendations from our general contractor to help us determine how far our current funding will go for the project. We want to move along in a timely matter, of course, but we have broken the project out in phases to ensure resources are determined and secured for each step. While we do have some ideas of equipment we would like to have, we will also be relying on knowledge and input from our general contractor to make recommendations for us. The ultimate vision of the playground is to establish a safe and fun place which encourages direct parent-child interaction.