How We Serve

Discover how we work to continually improve the lives and well-being of children impacted by abuse.


Our Impact

Improving child health and well-being by removing barriers to services that are responsive to the specific, individual needs of each child through child advocacy.

Increasing access to family and sibling visits which will allow bonded attachments to be kept intact while maintaining the safety and well- being of the child.

Increasing placement stability and permanency for children in foster care by addressing underlying trauma- related issues that may be the cause of behavioral, educational and emotional difficulties.

Increasing educational success for foster youth which allow them to attain and stay on grade level and graduate on time despite potential changes foster placements and schools.

Reducing school disciplinary actions, risky behavior and juvenile criminal activity through character development and esteem building.

Empowering youth to support and encourage one another by offering intervention services in a group setting.

Increasing community awareness of the plight of foster children by offering meaningful community engagement in meeting their needs through volunteer, intern and in- kind opportunities.

Smiling Children

Our Funding

Playing Children

The Children's Haven, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that funds its mission through federal, state, local government and foundation grants and generous local civic organizations, businesses, and individual private contributions.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, The Cherokee County Service League, the Bradshaw Farm Women's Club, the local Optimists, the Canton Rotary Club, and other groups put on large events to benefit the programs of The Children's Haven. We are so grateful that they include us in their fundraising efforts. Many church congregations include us in their giving and outreach work as well.

Many Cherokee County citizens support our mission through payroll deductions, monthly tithe, annual giving, or participating in our fundraising events throughout the year. We count on our local community's generosity for approximately 40% of our operating income and have never been disappointed.

Lastly, Corporate Partners are essential to our financial health. They help make our mission possible. In exchange, we recognize their support at our events, in our newsletters, and at our meetings!